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The Story Of Us

Founded in 2014, Make a Difference has expanded to various schools, and is focused in giving a voice to those who face social injustice.

By Pak Yin Sun

I founded Make a Difference in 2014, a year where social conflicts in Hong Kong were starting to cause cracks in our society. Many in my city are living in a vicious cycle of poverty that is increasingly hard to get out of. As a student at one of the city’s best international school, I was acutely aware that we were in a unique and privileged position to create change in society. Change that not only benefits the elite group of society, but rather, change that is inclusive for everyone.

“A small step we take, a big difference we make”

Make a Difference soon expanded to cover multiple schools globally. With a focus on issues like sustainability and environmental protection to child welfare and inequality, we are grateful to be able to play our part in making our world a better place. In late August of 2018, Make a Difference will be contending for student council at Chinese International School, with the intention of providing students a better school life, one that doesn’t force every student to be identical, but rather, one that caters to each individual student and their passions, allowing them to flourish.

Please explore our cause, and if it resonates with you, consider donating a few bucks. A couple of dollars here and there can really make a difference. The children needs you, how can we bare to ignore their pleas for help?

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