Make a Difference

Make a Difference Rules and Policies

By using Make a Difference services and/or participating in Make a Difference Related Activities, I agree that:

  1. These policies may change at any time, at the discretion of the Make a Difference (hereby referred to as “the Movement”) administrative staff and/or its authorised representatives.
  2. All votes, polls and surveys carried out by the Movement, or carried out by other individuals with the intent of affecting or modifying existing protocols or policies of the Movement will be non-binding unless expressly stately otherwise by Pak Yin Sun. All votes and polling will only constitute advice, and in case of disputes, the Movement reserves full rights to reach a final, binding decision.
  3. Administrative personnel of the Movement has the right to remove or otherwise restrict access to anyone involved in activities organised by the Movement without prior warning or justification.
  4. The Movement will not refund any purchases or donations made, unless under extraordinary circumstances as determined by Pak Yin Sun.