Make a Difference

Together, We Can

We fight for equality, social justice and environmental sustainability. Join us.

We believe that starts with us

Change starts with us. By funding and providing underprivileged children with wholesome educational and sporting activities, we are helping them realise their potential and be the best that they can be.


We fund and provide educational opportunities for those who deserve but cannot afford it.

In the past, we have funded scholarships for deserving children and activities like sports programs, choir, Model United Nations and debate.


We fully recognise the importance of equality and inclusion, which is why we provide programs that advocate for the rights of women, children and minority groups.

We aim to give everyone, regardless of ability or social status, the chance to explore their passions and to thrive.


We also focus much of our efforts on promoting environmental sustainability.

We host fun, meaningful and educational activities in schools that aim to raise awareness on how our choices impact the world we all share and live in.

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What is The Make a Difference Movement?

The world is in dire need for change – In a time when our world is ravaged by instability, poverty, injustice and conflict, our world needs people like you who is willing to stand up, raise your voice, and Make a Difference. 

“Our world needs change. Stand up for what is right, raise your voice for those who are unheard, and Make a Difference”

This issue is pressing – it’s about who Makes a Difference, and whether our world will become a better place, for us, but most importantly, for our future generations. It’s about Making Our World a Better Place.

Feel Good And Help Out

Purchase Make a Difference branded products and help fund educational activities for underprivileged children.
All profits are donated to be used for creating and sponsoring meaningful and wholesome sports, education and mental wellbeing activities for kids.